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Lakes Region Fishing is Education, Entertaining and Informative…

The Lakes Region Fishing Show, is based out of Vermont and New York and promises there is nothing quite like it on national television today. The show will be hosted by Capt. Nate Laskiewicz, a professional fisherman and highly experienced fishing guide with decades of competitive fishing success. The show is unique in that it aims to instruct, entertain and educate the amateur fisherman and their entire family. Lakes Region Fishing is educational, informative and entertaining.

“It’s a realistic fishing show where people are going to learn how to fish in their local rivers, ponds, and lakes.”

Lake Region Fishing brings you and your family to lakes that the whole family can enjoy. The Lakes Region Fishing show is based on the premise “Is this a lake I would like to bring my family and a lake I can easily fish?” You will learn not only about our fishing locations, you will learn techniques that can be utilized on your home waters. “We’ll be teaching viewers how to catch more fish, and bigger fish more often, and apply these skills to their own home waters.”

Lakes Region Fishing is realistic show, everything we catch is caught while filming and on that day of filming. We show techniques that everyone can easily learn, we are not just catching big fish we are catching what bites. Each episode of Lakes Region Fishing will also have dedicated segments that will highlight local attractions, amenities and points of interest specific to each episode's featured location.

“The show not only will educate how to fish, but will highlight the region and bring the whole family to the area for fishing and recreation,” Episodes will also feature various fishing conditions and techniques with graphics and visual demonstrations, a Q&A session with Nate, demonstrations of the latest fishing technology and sponsor products, as well as a safety or conservation tip presented by professionals in their respective fields. Nate will also share with viewers on how to maintain the local fishing resources, protecting waterways for generations to come.

Fishing is fun and all of us at Lakes Region Fishing want you, the viewer to have fun too… so “go catch em!”

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